A Message from Her Majesty The Queen

We are humbled and delighted to have received a letter of support from Her Majesty The Queen in relation to our tour of the USA. Her Majesty is Patron of The Chorister Trust, which was established in 1984 to provide resources for the education and musical training of our Choristers, regardless of the financial position of their families. As a consequence of grants made by the Trust, many boys have had the unique experience of being a member of the choir of St Paul’s.

On the occasion of Her Majesty The Queen’s 89th birthday, St Paul’s Cathedral Choir sends loyal and hearty greetings to Her Majesty.



One thought on “A Message from Her Majesty The Queen

  1. I listened to the most Angelic and Majestic voices of the St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir last night at First United Methodist Church. It was truly a blessing and a gift! Happy Birthday to the Queen and thank you for sharing the wonderful voices from St. Paul’s Cathedral. I feel truly Blessed to have heard their concert last night. Wishing them safe travels on the rest of their tour through the U.S.


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